Upon arrival you will be warmly greeted by one of our amazing front desk staff, who will take your information and begin your check-in process.  You will be provided all the paperwork that is necessary to become a patient at Tazewell County Chiropractic.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.  Our staff is full prepared to make this experience as easy as possible for you, our new patient.

Dr. Weinman will then go over an extensive history with you in regards to your current and past health challenges, if there have been any. Second, we will take our time discussing how chiropractic care works, and how we will help you in our office. We feel that the more we know about you, and the more you know about us, the more we will be able to help and THAT is our focus.

We offer many plans utilizing the incredible benefits of individual and family savings plans.

No matter the situation, we will work hard to make the care you receive affordable, getting you what you need at all times. We have an amazing office manager who can help you with this each step of the way.

There are actually a large number of reasons for a child to see a chiropractor. In fact, the #1 reason children see a chiropractor is for their wellness. Many parents are now choosing to be proactive with their children’s health, rather than reactive.

This fits perfectly with chiropractic, which is wellness-based and thus, proactive and preventative. Many of our parents/patients bring their newborn infants to our office on the way home from the hospital, before even going to the pediatrician.

Common reasons for children to visit a chiropractor include: difficulty nursing, colic, and ear/sinus infections, which are all conditions often caused by problems with the upper neck that likely were caused by birth trauma such as C-section or forceps delivery. Parents also bring their kids to a chiropractor for care of colds and flu-like issues.

At Tazewell County Chiropractic, we specialize in the care of children with autism, ADD/ADHD, sensory processing disorder, learning disabilities and other neuro-developmental disorders. Since chiropractic seeks to restore balance and proper function to the nervous system, chiropractic for these kids often has life-altering changes!

This is a question we receive time and time again in our office. To be frank, there is not a general answer that can be given to answer how chiropractic care can benefit all of the different ailments that plague our patients on a day to day basis.

Each patient has a different story and a different route to recovery. Our approach is to customize your care plan for you! You can rest assured knowing that we will do everything in our power to find out what is causing you pain or sickness and then, develop a care plan that will begin to provide you relief.

We understand, pain and discomfort are not something you want to have in your day-to-day lives, and we’re here to help!